[ubuntu-uk] A bug? Browser closes and DE closes

Steven Roberts cwmbranmathstutor at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 13:10:00 UTC 2012

Gnome 3. Ubuntu 11.10 chrome and chromium.

My browser closes whenever I click on the Attach button - it's when I am
using Gmail with the above setup. I keep forgetting that I've got this
problem with my setup. And it's late at night and I'm just about to email a
completed application form. Just about to insert the attachment. And the
browser just closes. And then Gnome crashes.

I tried sending an attachment by logging out and using Gnome classic but
the same issue occurs. I think I tried another thing similar to inserting
an attachment and the same crash happened.

When I say DE in the subject of this email I mean the desktop environment -
ie Gnome 3. That's just me trying to sound technical.

Thanks. If anyone has any ideas or has seen a similar problem I'd love to

Steve Roberts

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