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> So for the past 3 days I been on a python course and I thought it a
> good opportunity to explain why and what I got from it.
> My past:
> Unlike many at Canonical I'm not from a technical software, coding
> or office back ground.   I drove lorries (rigid trucks the size of
> semis) for a living. I had a shoulder injury that meant that I was
> unable to do that any more, while I was off I worked at testing the
> iso images for the entire Ubuntu family.   Every QA manager got me a
> contract for the end of a release and worked hard to get me a full
> time position with Canonical.
> The Present:
> Heno got in touch to let me know there was a QA position I'd be ideal
> for within ISD at the time , now Commercial Applications (online
> services) and I got it, woohoo.   Since then I've worked hard breaking
> nearly every piece of software I touch (only to make it better
> honest).   However it is getting more and more imperative that there
> are good automated functional tests in place for regression, not
> coming from a programming background I read what I could on python and
> I've fudged together some basic scripts that work as much as they need
> to, but was coming to the end of my knowledge very quickly.
> The Course:
> I wanted to get on a course that would not get me programming as such
> but understanding what python was and did with code. I wanted to
> understand how to write better code with a greater ease.   To that end
> I booked a course with Thyme Software (John Pinners Company).   The
> Training was refactored slightly to help me with the goals above.

hi, could you drop a link or contact, i might be interested but tried "ducking it" and could not find the company but many cooking websites.

> Day 1: Normally there is a brief intro with a description of the
> differences with the language you are currently coding in.   However
> for me John started with a whole heap of small examples that taught me
> what python did with items in memory and how objects could be link to
> that byte code in memory, he showed me where I could get good examples
> of code that showed how commands worked rather than the more technical
> stuff that you see in man pages, python help, and pythons online docs
> (1).   Because day one was basically made up of understanding how
> python worked it meant that day 2 and 3 then made a whole lot of sense
> all of a sudden.
> Day 2: Covered all the basics tuples, dicts, lists, strings, numbers
> and then went onto functions and basic modules info as I had an idea
> about them already. Now the stuff I spent an entire day on in Day 1
> suddenly made a whole heap of sense, it meant I could look at the
> basic example code and mostly predict the behaviour correctly by just
> looking at the code.   This then lead onto running the Gotcha code
> examples to give me a better understanding of that, and then a video
> on unicode!!! (that if you haven't seen it GO DO IT NOW! (2))
> Day 3: Got mind bending with OO concepts, classes, file operations,
> functional programming, generators and finally unittests and exception
> handling.   However a lot of it was easier to follow as I could at
> least understand roughly what python was likely to do with it.   This
> lead onto writing a bunch of small functions to grab data from a basic
> module and a basic text file and interact with it to give different
> results.   Finally John covered a small amount on Gui application
> creation for QT in python with a few basic peices of example code.
> All in all it was a really good course that has helped me a great
> deal.   John has done a free one day extension for me to cover some
> more complex stuff that we ran out of time for, due to spending so
> much time get me to understand what python does with code.   I heartily
> recommend this course to anyone that needs to learn python
> (1) http://www.doughellmann.com/PyMOTW/ shows basic code examples over
> a technical description on how it works
> (2)
> http://pyvideo.org/video/948/pragmatic-unicode-or-how-do-i-stop-the-pain
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