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Roachy roachy at roachy.net
Fri Jan 27 17:40:24 UTC 2012

> On 26 January 2012 20:26, Graham Smith <myotistwo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm not actually sure what I should be asking here, but I would like to
>> be able to set up a laptop as a server running questionnaires (created with
>> StatPac) that need a cgi-bin folder to run a perl script.
>> I would then like to allow people to access the questionnaire from their
>> laptops via a wireless connection to the laptop/server. Everyone would be
>> in the same room.
>> I see there are things called portable wireless routers, is this as
>> simple as installing a Ubuntu server version on the laptop, and plugging in
>> the router. Then letting the users find the wireless connection.
>> Can anyone advise on what sort of problems I might have, and suggest a
>> low cost wireless router that might suit. I also see their are wireless
>> NASs and wondered if that might provide an alternative approach.
>> I will obviously need to read up a bit (a lot) about setting up a
>> network, but I would appreciate any comments that will highlight any key
>> issues I would need to consider.
>> Many thanks,
>> Graham
Hi Graham

Based on your description of what you need, you'll probably want to set up
a lightweight server with a wireless adapter or linked to an existing
access point via an ethernet connection - you'll also need to find some way
of sending the delegates to the questionnaire as an initial page.  While
this can be done using netfilter, it's not exactly straightforward.

Perhaps a good starting point would therefore be some form of captive
portal (commonly used for authenticating wireless guests in public
hotspots) - as these are usually configured to redirect guests to a
login/entry page.  I've only ever set these up on *BSD's so probably
wouldn't be much help here - but a quick search led me to
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/CoovaChilli which looks like a
good recipe to get you going....

Hope this helps

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