[ubuntu-uk] Mutt oddity

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Tue Jan 17 14:03:09 UTC 2012

I generally use Mutt for my email as it is orders of magnitude quicker to use
than a GUI client for large volumes of mail. It does fall short in handling
HTML mail though, which is on the increase. So far I've been happily using
Firefox, but I've decided to try Chromium again. Last time the problem I had
was that the temp file was gone before Chromium got anywhere near reading it
even if it was already running. This time I'm not even that far in as Mutt is
determined to stick with Firefox (odd since Chromium is notorious for setting
itself as the default client every time it updates!).

So does anyone know how to track down which setting I need to change to get
Mutt to use Chromium? I'd rather not configure it manually in Mutt, partly
because I want to find out where Mutt is looking for its information. So far
I've set Chromium as default in the GUI using Chromium itself, I've edited the
gnome-www-browser and x-www-browser links in /etc/alternatives and checked that
Firefox is not referenced in /etc/Mutt or my personaly .mutt/muttrc file. I've
also checked that sensible-browser is also set to Chromium. What have I missed?

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