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I am assuming that you have read

If you have, and have followed it, then you may have a bug.



On 14 January 2012 00:24, Pete Smout <psmouty at live.com> wrote:

> On 13/01/12 21:04, Neil Greenwood wrote:
>> On 12.01.12 23:29, Pete Smout wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Just upgraded the HDD in my laptop and decided to reinstall ubuntu, so I
>>> went for the daily build of 12.04.
>>> Although this is still in the Alpha test stage and issues are to be
>>> expected, the issue I encountered was that it would not install!
>>> It got to the point of asking to install updates during install and
>>> third party software, (good idea!) and just hung there for 2.5 hrs (so
>>> was a hang not a delay).
>>> has anyone had any joy with this or is it just me with this bizzare
>>> issue?
>>> regards
>>> Pete
>> I tried updating today and there seems to be some package breakage.
>> I installed perfectly from the Alpha 1 ISO a few weeks ago. I'd try
>> that, and complete the install before trying to update.
>> HTH
>> Neil.
>>  Hi,
> Issue solved downloaded the alpha 1 iso and updated after install is it
> worth raising a bug report for the issue stated above? If this is the new
> install procedure, my lap top is not that outta the ordinary (intel2.4ghz
> dual core, 2gb ram) it should just work!
> If I raise a bug report I have no debug info to back it up, so other than
> the info provided here, I cannot back it up with error reports or anything
> like that, but I feel this issue needs to go up the line, hence the
> question 'has anyone else' had this problem to shed more light and be able
> to provide more info on the problem to pool the reports, and give more
> ammunition to the bug report.
> regards
> Pete
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