[ubuntu-uk] Tomboy alternative

YaManicKill mailinglist at 10people.co.uk
Sat Jan 7 14:35:34 UTC 2012

> what is the best program to use for simple text files on android, windows
> and mac? If I do it that way, i can use Dropbox as well, but would prefer to
> keep it on Ubuntu One.

I know this is web based (and similar to a previously mentioned
solution), but still, I use springpad for all my plain text notes. The
web app is amazing, and uses offline html5 in Chrome, so you don't
have to be online to use it. The Android app for both phone and tablet
interfaces are equally as nice, the tablet app looking almost exactly
like the web app, as it is pretty touch friendly as it is anyway.

I would highly recommend this as you don't even need to think about
dropbox/ubuntu one, and you can have different notebooks with stuff in
them and tag them as well. You can also have different types of things
if you don't want jsut notes. I have a notepad which I use for my
inventory incase I need to claim on home insurance, and have web clips
from all my high cost items. It really is such a great system that
just works, and word on the vine is that they are finally going to get
decent sharing in the next month or so.


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