[ubuntu-uk] Shut down button missing on upgrade

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Fri Jan 6 10:37:01 UTC 2012

On 06/01/12 09:43, John MM wrote:
> So how do we figure out why it isn't running?

That's a more difficult question to answer. :)  I think there are a 
couple of options:

By running it in a terminal, it may be more obvious when it's actually 
crashed.  At least you should get some output on the terminal when it 
does, and then you can file a bug using "apport-bug indicator-session".

Another alternative is to enable apport [0] to automatically help with 
bug submissions when an application crashes - even the ones that happen 
when you first boot up and login, so if gnome-settings-daemon is being 
started but crashing, this will catch it.

You may discover that there is already a bug raised that addresses this, 
in which case you should just select the "This affects me too" option 
and optionally subscribe to updates.  If not, then you should just 
describe then symptoms you're seeing in the bug report.  Either way, 
this will improve your odds of getting a clueful developer on the case 
who will probably get to the bottom of the problem fairly quickly.  Be 
aware, however, that enabling apport system-wide will cause it to prompt 
you to raise bug reports any time anything crashes - so you may want to 
disable it after you've raised this particular bug. :)

In my case, I'm running the Ubuntu One nightlies PPA and there was a 
problem in the ubuntuone-client-gnome package which was causing 
gnome-session-daemon to crash.  I would never have made the link, but I 
filed a report and was directed to #ubuntu-desktop on Freenode where a 
couple of people very quickly zeroed in on the problem and then looked 
at a previous bug report I'd raised and made the connection.



[0] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport#How_to_enable_apport
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