[ubuntu-uk] Shut down button missing on upgrade

James Tait james.tait at wyrddreams.org
Thu Jan 5 17:55:01 UTC 2012

On 05/01/12 15:06, scoundrel50a wrote:
> Wow, that helped sort of. It is something to do with
> gnome-settings-daemon. If I enter that into a terminal, funny thing
> happens in the left panel and the top panel, and the Drop down menu
> appears. If I close the terminal, it goes away again........

Yes - this is because when you close the terminal, you also terminate 
and subprocesses launched from it, in this case gnome-settings-daemon. 
You can append a '&' (i.e. gnome-settings-daemon&) to background the 
process and then it should continue running after the terminal window is 
closed.  Alternatively, you can keep the terminal open, which might help 
you to track down whatever it is that's causing gnome-settings-daemon to 
crash, or see below....

> does that mean the gnome-settings-daemon
> is not running,

Yes. :)

>  and should it be running all the time,

Yes. :)

>  and also, how can
> I get the Icon to remain, without having to keep the terminal open......

You can run it from the "Run a command" prompt via alt-F2, but the 
important point here is that you shouldn't need to - it should already 
be running.  Something is causing it to crash, and it would be nice if 
we could figure out what.

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