[ubuntu-uk] Home networks, running different devices, OSes and backing up

Byte Soup bytesoup at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 09:39:57 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

Id like to hear opinions, experience and advice from those of you who have
a home network with multiple devices from iPods to PCs, and what you do to
back them up and centralise the data but also make the data available in
places where you need it.

Also when it comes to backing up, lets say you have a server that runs
weekly backups of devices on the network, how do you avoid it backing up
and overwriting a file if a user has infected some files on one of the
devices with malware? If you have incremental backups, how much more space
will you need?

Id just like to hear some ideas as Im sure some folks have some good
suggestions here.


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