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Jon Spriggs jon at sprig.gs
Sun Dec 16 08:40:34 UTC 2012

Hi Ted,

Even if later versions are available, you'll only get it if your mobile
network has also made it available. Some phone manufacturers have it so
that upgrades can only be performed from a Windows OS, which is referred to
as being not-OTA (Over The Air).

With regards to the battery, the device will have a counter which the
charging and discharging of the battery updates. If you flash a
non-manufacturer ROM, it may not update that counter properly, but for a
brand new phone, I wouldn't bother.

All the best,
Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs
On 16 Dec 2012 08:05, "Ted Wager" <ted at trufflesdad.plus.com> wrote:

> On 13/12/12 19:12, Ted Wager wrote:
>> Anyone tell me if the Sony Experia range
>>  mounts as a block device in Linux ?
>>   Regards
>>     Ted Wager
>>        Linux User
>>  Thanks for the replies...Bought phone yesterday and looking forward to
> playtime...See phone tells
> me the software is up to date yet lots of mails say ics is available..Also
> mails say the battery must be
> drained before a recharge...Is this so ?
> Regards
>  Ted Wager.
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