[ubuntu-uk] Default Kernel Issue

Nigel Verity nigelverity at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 5 14:05:34 UTC 2012

I have just installed Xubuntu 12.10 on an HP laptop. It worked fine until I succumbed to the invitation to perform the 100+ updates in the queue. This included a new kernel version. After completion and rebooting, the screen remained blank after the Grub menu had disappeared, although disk activity and the wi-fi indicator light seemed to show everything else was booting up OK.
I experimented with the Grub menu and found that by booting with the previous kernel version which, thankfully, was still available, every works fine.
Does anybody know how to make the previous kernel version the default? It is accessed through the "Ubuntu Advanced Options" item on the Grub menu. The menu default item, defined in "etc/default/grub", uses a zero-based integer value corresponding to the position of the required item on the menu. This does not provide a way to access sub-menu items. Any ideas, please?
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