[ubuntu-uk] Still images + sound track = DVD any suggestions for software

George MacLeod bhaltair at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 19:28:25 UTC 2012

try openshot it's in the repositories. Import images as a sequence, define
frame rate then add an audio track. You can then save the movie in a number
of formats.

On 4 December 2012 18:55, keith <kpb at sohcahtoa.org.uk> wrote:

> Hello All
> I need to take some still images and a sound track (pre existing audio
> file) and produce a video that can be burned to DVD and that will play
> on standard DVD players in the UK. I need to be able to 'cue' the images
> to the sound track (which is people talking about the images).
> I've tried PhotoFilmStrip as found in synaptic and I'm getting errors
> when rendering (python error from deep in the GUI) a silly test project.
> Any suggestions for software that will 'just work'?
> PS: I'm on Gnome Ubuntu Remix
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