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paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Aug 31 14:08:17 UTC 2012

On 31/08/12 12:11, Simon Greenwood wrote:
> On 31 August 2012 12:07, Norman Silverstone <norman at littletank.org
> <mailto:norman at littletank.org>> wrote:
>     I am setting up a new router and I wonder if there is anything I
>     need to do so that my son may access my computer should I require
>     of help.
>     Thanks in advance
> Broadly speaking, if he needs ssh access you will probably need to
> forward a port on the router to your computer. By default this is port
> 22, and there will probably be a preset for it. However, you might
> want to consider additional security by opening a different port,
> which reduces the incidence of port scanning. Check with your son first.
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Too add an extra level of security for ssh,  there is a program called
fail2ban which you can set up to allow say 3 attempts to log in after
which that ip is blocked for a set period or i guess there is an option
to blacklist.



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