[ubuntu-uk] Netflix and Love Film - lost Blinkbox as well

Alex Cockell alex at acockell.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Aug 27 13:16:19 UTC 2012

Hi folks, 

We've lost Blinkbox as well...

*sigh*... maybe Canonical could ask around, and possibly develop a
dedicated app for each of them?  If i'm on my netbook, I'm now
restricted to actually handling the purchase of content etc on the
netbook - at least I have an LG telly to actually play the content. 

Linux-based APPLIANCES can license clients - or even have stuff served
up differently... just seems to be the studios are insisting on the
browser plugin being Silverlight..  Could they do an iTunes and roll a
native client that runs outside the browser?  And put it in the Partner

Or a GStreamer plugin a la the BBC plugin that was tried?

Would be no different in principle to the LG app I use, or Blinkbox
adding themselves to Youview...


Alex Cockell
alex at acockell.eclipse.co.uk

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