[ubuntu-uk] Software for a 6 year old

paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Sun Aug 26 17:17:07 UTC 2012

On 26/08/12 17:28, Bruno Girin wrote:
> Hi all,
> 18 months ago, I installed Ubuntu on a netbook for a friend's daughter.
> Now that she's nearly 6, she still loves the netbook and wants an
> upgrade with more interesting games on it. At the moment, the netbook is
> running 10.10 for netbooks (Unity interface) with gcompris, TuxMath,
> TuxTyping, TuxPaint and a couple other things.
> I was planning to upgrade to 12.04 and install Scratch and TurtleArt.
> Other than that, I would welcome any suggestion of fun software for a 6
> year old.
> Cheers,
> Bruno
There is powdertoy, which is a physics type simulator, It may sound more
suitable for older kids but these days children can really surprise
adults so to me its simply worth installing to have a go.  Its kinda fun
however exploring different materials etc.

sure the tux games are also good, how about things like pingus,  wormux
(or whever that is called now) ,  games like mahjongg and shisen and
other puzzle games may be good too,   I am sure there is a suduku game
out there too, 

other than that there are lots of general games out there,  I am playing
0AD which is an RTS game,  in alpha but it works really well.

look at software centre under games there seems to be lots of puzzle
type games out there, 

i guess there is always nethack,  :) for the true geek experience.

There doesn't seem to be that many games aimed directly at girls,   one
of the reasons we need more female programmers I guess.



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