[ubuntu-uk] Libreoffice pdf import extension .....

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Mon Aug 20 14:20:52 UTC 2012

On 20/08/12 09:25, Colin Law wrote:
> Hmm, odd. That suggests a problem with removing and reinstalling LibreOffice
> that needs to be addressed. Logically, removing LibreOffice and the
> .libreoffice folder and then reinstalling should reset your LibreOffice
> install. You shouldn't have to reinstall your OS to repair a damaged
> application.
> apt-file search shows that to be installed by libreoffice-core so one
> would have expected a re-install of libreoffice to replace it.

Matt was right - I had manually deleted libreoffice stuff - but only after I had purged each package using apt.  The Nautilus package had at that time lost its ability to show hidden files - part of known bug, so I had missed ~/.libreoffice  I will be more careful next time.  But there were other good reasons to re-install the OS and it is not especially time consuming.

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