[ubuntu-uk] Open office & python as an Ms office alternative.

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Tue Aug 7 21:32:43 UTC 2012

Thanks guys,

Lots of things to take in there.  I'll check all of that out and post back
if I find anything else.

On Aug 7, 2012 9:14 PM, "Nigel Verity" <nigelverity at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Hi
> I used to be a fairly serious Access developer and faced much the same
> issue when I made the move to Linux.
> In my view OpenOffice/LibreOffice Base is by far the weakest part of the
> otherwise excellent office suite. Its native HSQL database is slow and the
> form designer is very limited in functionality compared with Access. Also
> the form appearance is archaic. Its biggest plus is that is it easy to link
> to many other kinds of DB such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, but you still don't
> get very good performance. My other big criticism is that the programming
> language (a variant of Basic) makes heavy weather of many features which
> VBA achieves with ease. To manipulate the GUI you have to think more in
> terms of how Visual C++ does things rather than VBA.
> My solution is to use the Gambas development tool with a backend database
> to suit the application requirements. Gambas is very similar to VB in many
> ways, and better in some. The language syntax is similar. If you've used VB
> or Access/VBA you'd get used to Gambas pretty quickly. You can create very
> sophisticated GUIs and also compile to an executable. The executable
> requires the presence of a runtime library - another similarity with VB -
> but it means you don't have to deliver the code and form designs along with
> executable.
> You can use data-bound controls or write your own code to read/write
> between form controls and the database, using the "Result" object, which
> equates to an Access "Recordset". Although it requires a few more lines of
> code I prefer this latter method as it gives you total control over what
> gets updated and when.
> Gambas can natively talk to a number of DB types. If you use SQLite (a
> file database) the analogy with Access is almost complete. Using
> Gambas/SQLite I've managed to create >10,000 records in a second during
> bulk updates. Base/HSQL couldn't come anywhere near this kind of
> performance.
> Hope this helps. By all means contact me off-forum if you want to discuss
> the nitty-gritty that would otherwise cause eyes to glaze over.
> Nige
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