[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading to 12.04 ....

James Morrissey morrissey.james1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 14:31:58 UTC 2012

> I'm trying to install Ubuntu One now. It's been sitting there for about 25 minutes doing nothing. The coffee bar I'm in now can do 1mb/s on download, I abuse it often (noone else uses a laptop in here)

I had some similar problems on both of the machines on which i tried
an install. I canceled and reopened the dialogue and the screen came
up that it was already installed. Not sure if this is worth a go from
your side but it worked on two occasions for me.

i have also had some speed problems with the uploading and downloading
of files. Sometime it appears to run really quickly but at others it
can be incredibly slow. Currently it appears to have stalled
downloading stuff to one of my machines. I have heard that this has to
do with the heavy amount of traffic on the Ubuntu servers around new
release time. i am not sure if that explanation holds water.

> I'd hoped things had improved since the last time I tried it (around 11.04) but apparently not.
> So I'm with Alan C and USB storage I guess. Actually, an SD card would be quite nice and unobtrusive on netbooks with card readers...

I would stick with it for a while longer. Previously i had a great
experience using UbuntuOne to manage folders across a work computer
and a laptop for work that i have to do away from the office.


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