[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading to 12.04 ....

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 14:03:15 UTC 2012

I been following this because I posted on here a couple of days ago, 
about me having screwed my installation.......well I managed to find 
somebody willing to help, and got talked through the actual 
installation, and instead of installing over, just installing the 
package and keeping my home directory there, and if I hadnt had that 
person, I wouldnt have known how to set the / and /dev/sda2 and telling 
the installation to to reformat......as it is, I did it, but the person 
ended up having to log into my computer to fix the home directory and 
other things, as I would never have had a clue where to look or what to 
do, as it is, I now have the old home directory there, but as a separate 
directory, which is enough for me, but how he did that, i have no 
idea.......problem is, I can not now get wireless, its gone, for some 
reason, I can only use the ethernet cable to connect, which he is now 
looking at........

Just thought I would post to let you know how I got on reinstalling........

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