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Hello All

Hum.... backups

Ubuntu One accounts get 5Gb free. I'm wondering if an option to automatically sync the Documents folder with Ubuntu One might help people not loose lots of work? I know it is getting into Google Chrome OS territory, and, yes, potentially another annoying and confusing choice when booting for the first time. Just a thought.

Hope the chap who has nowhere to copy his 19Gb reads this: 5Gb on Ubuntu One, 2Gb on Dropbox and 5Gb on Google Drive. Use a local coffee bar or arts centre free wifi to do the intial sync to avoid topping out your broadband if it is capped. Better than loosing the lot.


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>On 30/04/12 10:57, Daniel Case wrote:
>> Big clear warnings get a +1 from me - I was in #ubuntu and on the Ubuntu
>> Forums the last few days and have noticed others have also been screwed by
>> the upgrade - A lot of people assume it's safe, a lot of people have lost a
>> lot of data attempting it.
>> People also need a clear warning to backup their system - we assume it's
>> common sense, but apparently most don't.
>I am staggered when most people have no idea of backup. Or they say 
>that  I have nothing of valuable to get lost......
>It is a shock when they find they 'had grown accustomed to the - 
>alan cocks
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