[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading to 12.04 - catering tor nontechnical users

alex at acockell.eclipse.co.uk alex at acockell.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Apr 30 11:20:12 UTC 2012

Hi folks, 

Looking at those screenshots, there is one GLARING omission... the
default radio button is "YES - I do want to upgrade".  With the risk
for non-technical users, surely this should have the default radio
button (which actions when you hit Return) set as NO.

This way, upgrades are a deliberate action.  Maybe YES should take
the user into a warning page, "Show me what I get" stuff, and almost
an "Are you sure" cycle with several backout options offered.

Non-tech users shouldn't be left with "Accept default option...
'hose' system".  Much better to be warned "This will replace your
operating environment - are you sure?".... "Are you REALLY sure?" 
Then go to the "Start upgrade/cancel page.

I found out the hard way (useful about having a second partition
running 10;04 alpha and main env running 9.10 production when I
bought my netbook preinstalled from Linux Emporium) that on a laptop,
you need to have the battery in and nothing connected - relying purely
on the on-board pointers during an upgrade.  This type of thing would
need to be warned about - aka

"You appear to be upgrading on a laptop.  Before starting the
upgrade, please ensure the battery is in, and disconnect all USB
devices, especially mice".

... before kicking off...

Consider the case of someone accepting upgrades onto a preinstalled

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