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Tony Pursell ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Apr 29 21:33:01 UTC 2012

Hi All

On 29 April 2012 19:37, Barry Drake <ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com> wrote:

> On 29/04/12 18:58, Alan Bell wrote:
>> On 29/04/12 18:55, Barry Drake wrote:
>>> I've spent quite a bit of time on Ubuntu Help today
>> where exactly?
> Launchpad - at :https://answers.launchpad.**net/ubuntu<https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu> This is not somewhere I usually lurk but it was so overwhelmed that I
> thought I'd put my two pence in.  Most of the questions I dealt with were
> after a clean install, and were fairly simple ones because the desktop is
> so different.
>  as the questions were overwhelming the regular folk so I took a few on
>>> board.  There are a vast number of folk who have virtually trashed their
>>> system by trying to do an upgrade.
>  it would be better to fix the problem
> I agree, but the problem is so widespread and well distributed that I
> don't think it is going to get fixed.  I think it is a product of the very
> high level of change between the distributions.
>   are these upgrades from 10.04 or 11.10?
> Both basically.
>  What problems are people having?
> All manner of things varying from no control of sound, no sound at all,
> Libreoffice not working, bookmarks missing - to be honest just about
> everything you can think of.  As well as that there were various crash
> messages that nearly got fixed ....  I saw some of this and mentioned it on
> the list a few days ago.  Upgrading to 12.04 is disastrous.  I actually
> wonder if anyone has succeeded.
I'm replying to Barry because of his last remark, but I have read the
discussion on backups, and I have to say that they are problematical for
me, just because I have nowhere I can write my 19gb of /home to.  So I have
to risk it and try and get out of problems.  So here is my experience of
upgrading 4 machines, all from 11.10 to 12.04, in the order I did them:

1) Asus EEEPC 1015PEM Netbook.

I used a live USB.  I chose the 11.10 to 12.04 update.  The upgrade crashed
on me soon after choosing the flower as my picture (don't know if that was
significant).  I got the chance to do a bug report (from the live USB
system) then I rebooted to the Netbook and got a terminal which did not
accept any kind of login.    Luckily, this machine has little data on it,
so I rebooted to the live USB, saved the few files I had to the 4GB SD card
and did a fresh install of 12.04.

2) Asus EEEPC original type with 4GB and 7" screen.

This runs Lubuntu.  As it has hardly any free space I used the Alternate
ISO on a USB stick and did a successful 11.10 to 12.04 upgrade.

3) Acer Revo (forget which model, but it sits next to the TV as it has hdmi

I used the live USB again and chose the 11.10 to 12.04 update.  The upgrade
was successful, if a bit nail bitingly slow at the end giving rise to some
anxiety that it had stalled.  A finer grained indication of progress would
have been re-assuring.

4) HP Pavillion Desktop - my main PC

I wanted use the live USB again but there was no 11.10 to 12.04 update
offered. (Why?)  So I chose the online upgrade.  This went OK until a short
way into the updating when the machine crashed (going into screensaver, I
think), so I had to reboot it.  I got to a sort of login screen, but I
couldn't log in, so I switched to a terminal and finally got it completed
from the command line.  Was advised to do

dkpg --configure -a


sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

which did not work without the -f

I have to admit that I half expected this machine to crash.  It has been
doing it regularly.   But I'm glad I got out of it.  I'm just waiting to
find out what is broken.

So that was my experience.  Certainly not one I would want to put an Ubuntu
rookie through.

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