[ubuntu-uk] updated to 12.04: fixes and questions

Bill Baker boosys at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 14:10:27 UTC 2012

> installed the wikipedia lens but does not seem to come up. I wrote
> lens and dash on the dash and it does not find anything. 

In case it helps, this is the answer I got from the [very helpful]
writer of the lens:

Michael Hall15 Apr 2012
+Billy Baker if you run "quickly package", it should create an
package that includes putting the daemon in the right place. 
It doesn't do that for development though, because it makes it harder to
perform the iterative "code, run, code, run" cycle.

Michael Hall15 Apr 2012
Let me give more detail: Lenses and Scopes are typically executed via
The .service file that quickly creates is all that dbus needs to run the
or scope daemon, there is nothing more you have to write. 
But, in order for the .service file to work you would need to copy the
file into /usr/bin/ (or wherever the .service files says it is),
then copy any supporting Python modules somewhere into your PYTHONPATH.

Again, "quickly package" will make a .deb that does all that for you, 
but it isn't useful to do it during the development phrase.

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