[ubuntu-uk] Install problems...

James Morrissey morrissey.james1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 19:21:40 UTC 2012

I hope that you are all enjoying installing 12.04.

On that front i am having a bit of trouble getting it (or anything
else for that matter) onto one of my older machines. The machine is
currently running Lubuntu 11.10 and that works fine. Now i am trying
to install 12.04 on it but every time i do so the machine freezes as i
try to load the live session. This freeze takes place while the little
dots under the Lubuntu logo are changing colour: they stop changing
colour and nothing happens.

i have tried re-downloading the image and made different start-up
disks (i have only been using a USB). I have even tried ubuntu 12.04,
thinking it might be worth trying to run Unity 2D, and tried using a
much larger USB disk. All of this has failed and i remain stuck on the
opening screen of both Lubuntu and Ubuntu.

I have not had any trouble with this machine before: I've been running
different distributions on it since 9.10, have had no problems booting
from a USB and as i said, Lubuntu 11.10 works great.

Because i can't get the live instance to work i can't think of what i
might test on the machine - all the USB ports work fine while in

If anyone has any ideas about what i might try to get it to work or
discover what's wrong, that'd be great.



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