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Wed Apr 25 11:02:31 UTC 2012

Hello All

I have made the modifications suggested here (at least to the extent I can fit on the poster!)

Below is a link to the PDF file - this is the one to send to end users and anyone who might want to print the poster


The link below is to the ODP file. Fork this as you wish. If you come up with anything good, pop it on Ubuntu One or Dropbox and post a link back here.


I will try to get through the spreadbuntu deflection shields later on today. It seems quite hard to get stuff through their spam checkers.


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>> On 21/04/12 11:16, kpb wrote:
>>> Hello All
>>> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8403291/1204-poster-4.pdf
>> Nice work. Where do I file bugs? :)
>> Minor niggle, the diagram in the top left implies that the button in
>> the top left of the screen with the Ubuntu logo on _is_ the dash. It's
>> actually referred to as the "BFB" (Big Freaking Button) or "Ubuntu
>> Button" which launches the dash.
>Well, that is the first I've heard of that and I've been a happy Unity 
>user for the last couple of releases.  When I hold my mouse over the 
>BFB, it says Dash Home, so I assumed that was the name of the button as 
>well as an indication of what it leads to.
>I'll look at changing the name of the button to Ubuntu Button (can't you 
>guys think of a shorter name?)
>> Be good to upload it to spreadubuntu so others can get it.
>OK, its not really marketing though.
>> Cheers,
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