[ubuntu-uk] My 12.04 experience

Pete Smout psmouty at live.com
Mon Apr 23 20:01:36 UTC 2012

On 23/04/12 20:36, Barry Drake wrote:
> On 23/04/12 18:37, Pete Smout wrote:
>> Ubuntu will not install on any of the 3 machines tried on so far! Gets
>> as far as asking for user name / psswd and then says error! tried 2
>> different downloads so I think its the system not the .iso image
> Does it run OK from the live-CD? It's worth trying this. You would not
> be asked for user name/password until it was ready to install on the
> host machine, and then it would only stop with some sort of message that
> would tell you what is wrong - not just 'error' - are you saying it
> hangs after you have given it a username and password to use in the new
> installation? I just wonder if the existing partitioning or something is
> getting in the way?
> I've been running it on my desktop since Alpha 1 and I'm delighted with
> it. Unity is fantastic on a desktop once you are used to it. My wife
> still has 10.04 on her machine and I really find it hard going when I
> have to use it. I've now installed 12.04 on my netbook and again am
> delighted with it. I will be very surprised if there isn't something
> simple getting in the way of your install.
> I really hope we can help you to sort it. Can you get into the
> commandline and tell anything from there while you are trying to install?
> Regards, Barry.

Thanks for the offers of help, but I am now resigned to waiting a week 
or two for the 'official release' and I am sure Unity has improved since 
my last encounter (11.04) and although I am not writing it off as a UI 
(or DE) it will have to be fantastic to fully convert me.

It does seem strange that Xubuntu installs first time with no errors 
(did have a crash report earlier, but didn't effect me, must have been a 
background thing) where as the Ubuntu Beta 2 with basically the same 
installer did not.

For info it was not the daily build as I have tried these before with no 
success. Nor did I try the live desktop as I have enough machines / hard 
drives to just install  and play around with it so I went straight for 
the install as I have many times before.

I do as a matter of course check the MD5sum (as K3b displays it when 
loading the .iso image and it only takes 2 mins)

If in a week or so when I get around to trying it again I still have 
issues I will pay more attention to the error message and (after 
googleing) I shall ask the many helpful readers of this list for help!



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