[ubuntu-uk] My 12.04 experience

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Mon Apr 23 19:36:21 UTC 2012

On 23/04/12 18:37, Pete Smout wrote:
> Ubuntu will not install on any of the 3 machines tried on so far! Gets 
> as far as asking for user name / psswd and then says error! tried 2 
> different downloads so I think its the system not the .iso image

Does it run OK from the live-CD?  It's worth trying this.  You would not 
be asked for user name/password until it was ready to install on the 
host machine, and then it would only stop with some sort of message that 
would tell you what is wrong - not just 'error' - are you saying it 
hangs after you have given it a username and password to use in the new 
installation?  I just wonder if the existing partitioning or something 
is getting in the way?

I've been running it on my desktop since Alpha 1 and I'm delighted with 
it.  Unity is fantastic on a desktop once you are used to it.  My wife 
still has 10.04 on her machine and I really find it hard going when I 
have to use it.  I've now installed 12.04 on my netbook and again am 
delighted with it.  I will be very surprised if there isn't something 
simple getting in the way of your install.

I really hope we can help you to sort it.  Can you get into the 
commandline and tell anything from there while you are trying to install?

Regards,        Barry.

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