[ubuntu-uk] My 12.04 experience

Pete Smout psmouty at live.com
Mon Apr 23 18:59:02 UTC 2012

On 23/04/12 18:52, Dave Morley wrote:
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> On 23/04/12 18:37, Pete Smout wrote:
>> Hi, Just thought I'd feedback my 12.04 experiences so far.
>> Ubuntu will not install on any of the 3 machines tried on so far!
>> Gets as far as asking for user name / psswd and then says error!
>> tried 2 different downloads so I think its the system not the .iso
>> image
>> Xubuntu 12.04 (Beta 2) installs first time no trouble at all and
>> although I haven't tested everything yet my first impressions are
>> 'Wow why would anybody use Unity on a PC or Laptop!'
>> I hope this situation is not the same for first time installers as
>> if it was my first experience I would probably still be a Windoze
>> user!
>> Still unsure weather or not to upgrade my main machine from 10.04
>> as I personally cannot see the benefit of unity on a PC (and two
>> years on I have Lucid set just how I want it!)
>> Reagrds
>> Pete
> Pete,
> Hi bugs like that are really important to report.  There are lots of
> things it could be that cause the system to die but without your
> machines to try it out on nobody will know for sure.


At this late stage of Beta testing (release only about 1 week away) I 
would expect my fairly standard machines to be ok, machine specs are

PC - Dual core (AMD) 3gb ram
Lappy - Dual core (intel) 2gb ram
Old PC - Pentium 4, 1.5gb ram

the makes of the motherboards are unmemorable / unremarkable

With the exception of the 'Old PC' (which may be too old now , although 
I doubt it, this is Linux not windoze) surely IT SHOULD JUST WORK! If it 
was still Alpha I would of course report the bug(s) but it is too late 
now to effect the release (I believe).

I will of course try when the release is official (on 29th I think) but 
surely these machine specs are not so new as no-one else in the world 
has them, if the machines were brand new core i7's or the latest 
'gadget' machines I may well expect a few issues, but I am neither 
wealthy enough, or that bothered by the 'lack of performance' of my 
aging hardware to worry about 'keeping up with the metaphorical Jones's'.



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