[ubuntu-uk] 12.04 Unity intro poster

Andres Muniz andresmp at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 21:46:28 UTC 2012

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> On 21/04/12 12:26, kpb wrote:
> > 
> > Anyone: Please reply to this with any other suggestions or things that 
> > strike you as potentially confusing for 10.04 people and I'll put what 
> > I can in on Tuesday evening.
> > 

maybe not unity: 
but the login screen might confuse some:
good is the guest account that seems to erase after you log out. I think it is easily missed but i like it a lot.
Might be bad that can't change keyboard layout or language at login. There are bugs (regresions) but i'm sure they will be fixed by 12.04.
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