[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu and GIGABYTE

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Thu Apr 19 13:40:28 UTC 2012

>                 It would be very much appreciated if anyone knows of
>                 or has experienced use
>                 of this motherboard.
>         The computer I am writing this on now is one I built myself
>         using a Gigabyte P67-DS3-B3 and it works absolutely fine, with
>         no issues at all.

> I is usually less the manufacturer but the chipset and processor and
> integrated (or external) graphics used that determine the
> compatibility. If you are able to get the part code or model of the
> motherboard it may be easier for us to give you a definitive answer.

The motherboard is GA-H61MA-D3V. I hope this helps.


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