[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu and GIGABYTE

Kris Douglas krisdouglas at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 10:56:51 UTC 2012

On 19 April 2012 11:31, Josh Holland <jrh at joshh.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi Norman
> On 19 April 2012 11:23, Norman Silverstone <norman at littletank.org> wrote:
>> It would be very much appreciated if anyone knows of or has experienced
>> use
>> of this motherboard.
> The computer I am writing this on now is one I built myself using a
> Gigabyte P67-DS3-B3 and it works absolutely fine, with no issues at all.
> Thanks,
> Josh

Hello Norman,

I is usually less the manufacturer but the chipset and processor and
integrated (or external) graphics used that determine the compatibility. If
you are able to get the part code or model of the motherboard it may be
easier for us to give you a definitive answer.

Regards, Kris Douglas.
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