[ubuntu-uk] 12.04 audio recording?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Apr 18 19:27:47 UTC 2012

On 18/04/12 19:56, Philip Stubbs wrote:
> On 18 April 2012 19:46, Philip Stubbs <philip at stuphi.co.uk> wrote:
>> It works here, at the moment. Just kicked off a 95Mb update, so will
>> try again in a few minutes. :-)
> Lots of 3.4.0's were replaced with 3.4.1's so I guess that is a point
> release of gnome then. Sound recorder still working. Sorry, but that
> does not help very much, does it. :-(

Yes it does - it may suggest that my 12.04 adventures to date in these
fairly new installs has caused a problem. One possibility is AWN,
which I have tried because I love the shiny switcher app, but I have
discovered that awn also installs gnome classic sessions which for
example uses gnome panel, whatever.
I will do a clean instal of 12.04 now in one machine an dsee if it
will work without awn.
alan cocks

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