[ubuntu-uk] 12.04 CD pre-orders

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Tue Apr 17 07:02:38 UTC 2012

On 17 Apr 2012, at 07:40, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
> ...In a technical forum, or other environment where discussions are very
> likely to have a logical sequence, and often a discussion thread with
> many comments, then in line comments and bottom posting have a strong
> benefit.

A lot of good sense in your comments, Alan. 

One thing I'd want to add: it's really helpful to edit what you quote, so there's just enough - and only enough - to provide the context to let readers understand what you're replying too.

Plonking a comment - whether at the bottom or the top - of 100 lines of 'House that Jack Built' exchanges is just lazy and inconsiderate.


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