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Bruno Girin brunogirin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 15:41:17 UTC 2012

On 14/04/12 16:13, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> < big snip>
>> Update 2012:
>> Proprietary lobby triumphs in first open standards showdown
>> http://www.computerweekly.com/blogs/public-sector/2012/04/proprietary-lobby-triumphs-in.html
>> -- 
> Is this not yet another example of the ineptness of the present
> Government and its subservience to big business.

Not necessarily. It may be as simple as them getting more and louder
feedback from big business, who have the funds to engage in lobbying.

There is a consultation next week in Bristol [1]. I will try to attend
but I'm really not sure I can and I'm not sure I've got the right
arguments. It is essential that this consultation has  number of OSS
people attending it with rational arguments otherwise the government
will only hear one side of the story.

There is also an online consultation on the subject [2]. Once again, it
is essential for us to make our voice heard and to reply to it. So take
10 minutes and make your voice heard.

[1] http://openstandardsroundtable3.eventbrite.co.uk/
[2] http://consultation.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/openstandards/



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