[ubuntu-uk] Unity testing

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Mon Apr 9 09:43:29 UTC 2012

< snip >
> That's a shame. I'd be interested in knowing exactly which test it was
> and we can fix the text description pretty easily for future tests.

For example I am asked to run gedit. No problem, I go to Applications,
Accessories and select Text Editor. Problem, there is no heading
Applications. I could of course select a terminal and type gedit and
press enter - problem where do I find a terminal. I move on and I am
asked to run nautilus. As far as I am concerned nautilus is or was a

> Checkbox does have the option to "skip this test" which enables you to
> move onto a test which you understand or can perform.

When I first saw the email about testing I thought it was a great idea.
At my age time is not a problem and so I could start to learn about the
latest version of Ubuntu and, at the same time, return something to help
the developers. My fear now is that if I continue with more tests I may
produce misleading data causing the developers more hindrance than help.


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