[ubuntu-uk] Unity testing

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sun Apr 8 19:03:54 UTC 2012

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> I think we all ought to shout at the gimp folk.  Gimp is an incredibly 
> capable program, and it is also the least intuitive and least workable 
> that I have ever seen!  If the Gimp folk wanted to sell it for cash, 
> there would be no chance!  It seems to me that FOSS developers never 
> talk to potential (non-geek) users.  It's high time ordinary folk like 
> us (folk who use and don't develop) got ourselves a voice.

Once upon a time ordinary folk did have a voice which was welcomed. I
know because I was one of them. I was one of the first non-technical
users of Ubuntu and was used as a bit of a guinea-pig by one of my sons
who worked for Canonical. It was all very new to me and I found and
filed bugs. But, as Canonical became more complex and diverse, so the
sort of help which users like me could give appeared to be of less and
less use to developers.  

This is not the place to have a rant so I'll go and play patience.


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