[ubuntu-uk] Unity testing

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Sun Apr 8 17:10:37 UTC 2012

On 08/04/12 17:21, Norman Silverstone wrote:
>   I am not thick but when I
> am asked, for example, to start gedit or nautilus using a set up with
> which I am not familiar I was lost and gave up. Maybe this testing is
> only for the Ubuntu literate and not for a simple user like me.

Norman well said!  Unity testing folk (and Popey) please note.  I was 
appalled at the level of knowledge that the tests required.  The Unity 
testing program ought at least to tell you how to start gedit etc.  And 
to use programs that are installed by default, which does NOT include 
Amarok that is (almost) specifically asked for by at least one of the 
tests.  By the way, gedit is the default text editor and you can start 
it by clicking on 'Text Editor'.  Where do you find that?  Well, it's 
not too bad now I know my way around the latest Unity ...  but I agree, 
it can be a bit daunting.  However, if you type 'gedit' into the entry 
field that comes up when you click the top (Ubuntu) button on the 
launcher sidebar, you will get a match that you can click.  The same 
would be true of Nautilus, but actually all you need to do is open the 
'Files' (Home Folder) icon on the launcher sidebar.

Oh, and a 'program that needs multiple windows'   ....   PLEASE   ....  
some of us might understand this, but just get back to the drawing board.

Unity testing folk - please use plain English for a change!!!! </rant>

Norman, please continue, and ask this list at every hurdle.  It's worth 
it.  If only to try the latest Unity lenses.  Unity under 12.04 is 

Regards,        Barry.

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