[ubuntu-uk] Unity testing

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sun Apr 8 11:55:55 UTC 2012

> >
> >> >  snip >
> >> >>
> >> >> You are right, I am seeing that too.  The side by side option seems
> >> >> not to be there.
> >> >> Do Something Else takes one to the manual setup page.
> >> >
> >> > I would be quite happy to do a manual set up if I could be sure not to
> >> > ruin everything else on the HD.
> >>
> >> Open a terminal (in your normal booted system) and type
> >> df
> >> Copy and paste the results here.  In a terminal Ctrl+Shift+C copies to
> >> the paste buffer.
> >>
> >> none                   1024860         0   1024860   0% /lib/init/rw
> Well at least that is nice and simple.  If you boot into the installer
> and go into Something Else then you should see
> /dev/sda
>     /dev/sda1
>     /dev/sda2 (it might be a different number)
> where sda2 has type Swap and sda1 is ext3 or ext4.  It does not matter which.
> sda1 should show a size of 140GB or thereabouts with 85GB used.  You
> first need to shrink this to make room for 12.04.
> First though make sure you have backed up everything important just in case.
> Click on sda1 and click Change.  It will show the partition size as
> 140000 (MB) or thereabouts.  Reduce this by about 10000 to allow 10GB
> for 12.04.  So if it were 140000 change it to 130000.  MOST
> IMPORTANTLY leave Use As set to do not use, and do NOT select Format.
> Click OK which will show a warning about writing it to disk and that
> you will not be able to undo it.  Click Continue.
> Go and have a cup of coffee while it shrinks the partition.
> When it is finished you should a new entry marked as Free Space or
> 10000MB.  Select this one and click Add.
> Set the Mount Point to /, leave the rest at default and click OK
> It should now show the new partition as type ext4, mount point / and
> Format ticked.
> DOUBLE CHECK that the other partitions have nothing under Mount Point
> and are NOT ticked for formatting.
> Offer a quick prayer or sacrifice to any Deity you consider relevant
> and click Install Now.

Thanks, Colin that looks pretty straight forward. Just one question,
where you say Set the Mount Point to /, is the ',' necessary or just


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