[ubuntu-uk] heads up - Secure Boot Problems for Linux Users Are Here Already

Alan Bell alan.bell at libertus.co.uk
Mon Oct 31 12:23:51 UTC 2011

On 31/10/11 09:58, Robert Flatters wrote:
> This will be a growing problem, if there is no step processes in place 
> to get UEFI turned off 
no, there won't be a process to turn off UEFI, that makes no sense. UEFI 
is not a turnoffable thing. The Secure Boot feature that does not yet 
exist in the wild needs to have a facility to allow the user to manage 
the keys they want to trust.
> you HP Guy will have big problems in the coming months. I fear 
> Microsoft is trying to lockout Linux from installing on new machine.
yes, they are, but not yet. These current machines are fully working, 
the factory-bricked machines are not yet available, and won't be until 
they come shipped with Windows 8. If someone says they have a machine 
with Windows 7 on it that they can't install Ubuntu on then that is a 
bug in Ubuntu, not the impending secure boot problem.


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