[ubuntu-uk] Application launcher vanished

Louis Gidney louis at gidney.com
Thu Oct 27 12:52:34 UTC 2011

Dear Ubuntu folks,

I would be most grateful for help on two problems:

1.) My drop-down main menu for launching applications is failing to appear
when I click on the usual icon on the main top edge panel (it just offers me
'Places' & 'System' & 'Quit...').  I have been managing without it for a
while now because the few applications I use have start-icons on the top
panel strip.

I would be grateful if someone could help me to restore it.

2.) usb memory sticks which I use to overcome the limited size of the solid
state netbook hard drive have recently failed to be recognised and mounted.
The 'Add to panel' facility refuses to add "Disk Mounter" -which I assume is
the required item (?).

(I am using a Dell Netbook Inspiron Mini 1011 (or 1101?) which came with
Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron, April 2008) pre-installed).  I use it as a desktop
with external monitor, keyboard, mouse & usb external optical drive.)

Thankyou in anticipation to someone out there,
Louis Gidney  (Louis AT Gidney DOT com - should you need it.)

(PS. To give some idea of context- My needs are modest. I bought this
netbook to run mainly just Mathematica (plus Firefox and Gedit plain text
editor), hardly ever use Office, & never use it for games or dvd movies.  I
am a 'senior' of 72 in good health, retired in NW Highlands, with experience
in the computer industry as it was in the 1960s (but regretably not a
fully-fledged up-to-date geek).  Engaged in extending my understanding of
maths & physics, I occasionally make educational 'MathArt' physical models
which illustrate various aspects of mathematics.  I have not yet learnt to
use the terminal/console, but aim to do so when I get time to read a couple
of books I've got on scripting.)
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