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john beddard john at creationspace.co.uk
Tue Oct 25 19:42:47 UTC 2011

On 25/10/11 19:26, Barry Titterton wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-10-25 at 16:47 +0100, john beddard wrote:
>> On 25/10/11 13:35, MS wrote:Hello Steve,
>> I would recommend the Ubuntu Professional Course available from Ubuntu's
>> own Training Team. Its half the price of the O.U Course and is
>> extensive, with something like 16 modules. Its an ideal preparation for
>> the more extensive Ubuntu Server Course. Although it requires the
>> discipline of self-study.
>> My own motivation for the doing this is to build an openstreet map
>> server, with openstreet map being built on the Ubuntu Server.
>> Hope this helps,
>>      John
> John,
> What competence level does the Ubuntu Professional Course start at?
> Barry T
Hi Barry,

I would say that it's a good introductory course to using the command
line within different structured areas of Ubuntu :
https://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=533 Any
experience using command line is useful. It is aimed at Sys Admins.
After a while the knowledge needed is extensive, so is the knowledge
gained : there is no end to the learning process.

With a background in networks, I wanted a structured course in order to
gain experience with Linux/Unix command line, which is extensive. This
course has really got me into Ubuntu. I found the book 'Ubuntu Linux' by
Chris Nergus and Francois Caen to be useful in broadening and sometimes
deepening the course.

The Ubuntu Prof Course has more command line than the Linux equivalent
LPIC-1 and is less explanatory. The two are now considered separate
qualifications. Although the Ubuntu Prof Course really needs to be done
in the context of providing the basis for the Server and Cloud Computing
Courses. Each module ends with a quiz and the course is just completed :
unless there is a surprise exam waiting for me ! The course is
self-paced with a maximum of one year to access the materials on-line.

One surprising aspect of the course was that i was also able to quickly 
understand the Windows file and command system. My hope is that the
Server and Cloud Courses come up to the professional level of Cisco
Certification Courses. It would be good to build learning groups around
the Ubuntu Prof Course.

Hope This Helps !


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