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On 20 October 2011 08:29, Bob Giles <thecorfiot at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Hi listers,
> Firstly, I read on a tweet today that it's Ubuntu's 7th birthday today.
> Happy birthday Ubuntu!
> Now for the real reason for the post.
> I want to create a simple database that I can distribute to others and was
> hoping to come up with a solution that just allowed me to distribute it as a
> standalone package in much the same way that MS users can with Access. I
> want it to run under linux. If it was cross platform, that would be even
> better but not essential.
> I do not want to be in the position of saying that you have to have a given
> package installed to run the database. For example, I could easily produce
> what I want in LibreOffice Base but would then have to assume that
> recipients run LibreOffice.
> I have googled and the only programs that appear to come close are Kexi and
> Firebird. Does anyone have any experiences of either or recommendations for
> other packages.
> I have played about with Kexi which runs under KDE desktop but it appears
> to crash with boring regularity. (That could be because I favour the Gnome
> desktop.)
> As I said, the proposed database is simple and does not necessarily have to
> be relational although it will contain many records. I want to keep records
> of magazine articles from a variety of publications but can't find a bespoke
> package that fits what I want to do.
To be Ubuntuesque I have to point a desktopcouch, which is at the core of
Gnome, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to port to other platforms.
There are Windows and Mac projects but I have no idea how mature they are.

If users don't need to directly access the database then look at SQLite,
which is cross-platform, included with most Linux distributions and easy to
bundle. It's used in Firefox among other things, and there is a plugin for
Firefox if direct access is required.

Next up from that is something like HSQLDB, which is the engine in
OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice which is written in Java and can be plugged into
a package as part of a distribution. Downside there is that it needs Java to
be present.


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