[ubuntu-uk] Feeling tortured by Ubuntu

Bea Groves beagroves at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 13:48:04 UTC 2011


I would be very surprised if this is not a problem with graphics card
compatibility, and perhaps a shortage of RAM (and maybe too small a swap
partition?). Just a thought...

I installed 11.10 on an old Pentium 4 laptop last night with only 512Mb
RAM. Worked fine, if sluggishly, and shows how even primitive old
machines can still function when they've 'given up the ghost' as far as
Windows is concerned.

On 18/10/11 14:18, alan c wrote:
> On 18/10/11 12:49, Kris Douglas wrote:
>> Hello, I use Ubuntu in the workplace, I am having a problem with it at
>> the moment that is beginning to drive me a bit mad.
>> I have upgraded to the latest version this week, and I am seeing
>> graphical artefacts every so often, which is new, but they do go away
>> after I have logged in. The worst problem I am having, is after around
>> 6-10 hours of use, the system begins to run slowly, and by that I mean
>> the interface becomes a lot less responsive, etc.
>> I have tried downgrading and upgrading my Nvidia 9600GT card's drivers
>> and it has had little effect.
>> This is denting my productivity now and I was wondering if anyone had
>> a solution to the problem I am experiencing?
> Might be worth trying Unity2d package (software centre I believe) and
> logging into that session. Easy to try I guess and might help get you
> moving.

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