[ubuntu-uk] Mobile Broadband dongles?

Michael Daniels michael_d at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 16:41:02 UTC 2011

Ask your TSP what the brand and model number of their broadband dongle is.Hutchison  3mobile, "did not guarantee that their dongle would work with Linux" ,I contacted their techy department to tell them it does. To achieve a reasonable speed, you must be on a G3 connection, G2 is unreliable and slow. my Hyundi, sorry if mis-spelt has been used on G2, G3 and several ubuntu releases, though now on 10.04.Hope this helps and apologies for top-post.

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Thanks to all who responded - my problem is, when looking at mobile broadband deals, there's no technical detail on the dongles (or other kit) at all. All they say is "compatible with PC (by which I take it they mean Windows) or MAC".
How do I find out what the dongles actually are?

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What's the latest on these? Do they all work now in Ubuntu or do some not?

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