[ubuntu-uk] Wipe and load 10.10 to 10.11

David Smith Dave at p3computers.com
Thu Oct 13 11:42:27 UTC 2011

>>David Smith wrote:

>> If I was to go for a wipe and reload in the next coupla days, how
>> easy is it to ditch Unity and switch back to Gnome desktop blinged up
>> with CCSM??

>What are you looking at replacing 10.10 with? There is no Gnome 2 in
>11.10 because it's all Gnome 3 based. Gnome 3 has a failback mode which
>is sort-of like Gnome 2 but isn't really the same. 
>The best bet if you don't want Gnome 3 or Unity and want something that
>feels a lot like Gnome 2 is probably XFCE, but it does depend on what
>you particularly like(d) about Gnome 2 and dislike about Gnome 3 and

I think I'll install 10.11 on my desktop, have a play with it, see if I can get CCSM running on it with Gnome 3 without unity and when I'm happy, do the same on laptop.


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