[ubuntu-uk] Suspend on lid close - Thinkpad x121e

James Morrissey morrissey.james1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 12:45:17 UTC 2011


I was wondering if anyone could help me in getting my 
suspend-on-lid-close to work on my Thinkpad x121e.

This is a new piece of hardware and there doesn't appear to be much on 
the web for solving it the problem.

When i close the lid, the machine seems to suspend, but when i open it i 
am met with a blank screen and can do nothing other than hard power 
down. I have noticed, however, that when i have my machine plugged into 
an external monitor, i can close the lid, observe the suspend and then 
open the lid to get a password login screen.

So it seems that the suspend is working but that the monitor doesn't 
come back to life when i open the lid. Having an external monitor 
plugged in seems to wake the monitor up and so give me the login screen.

This makes me think that this might not be too hard to solve. i don't 
really understand a lot of the hardware stuff but think that there might 
be a simple way to make sure that the screen triggers when i open the 
lid (or make the machine think that there is an external monitor plugged 
in). I am guessing that there is just a switch that i need to stick to 'on'.

Someone has suggested adding nomodeset to the grub kernel parameters, 
but i am not sure how to do this or what other effects of doing it might 

The thinkpad x121e is great as a portable machine. Getting this to work 
would vastly increase its portability.

Any suggestions?

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