[ubuntu-uk] Backing up Mobile Phone

Jon Spriggs jon at sprig.gs
Thu Oct 6 10:53:05 UTC 2011

Wammu will do it, apparently: http://wammu.eu/phones/nokia/?page=7

Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

On 6 October 2011 11:06, Gordon Burgess-Parker <gbplinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> Someone, and I think it might have been on this list, gave me a website that
> would backup (or synch) my Nokia X3 Phone for nothing , as an alternative to
> Nokia PC suite which of course doesn't run on Linux. I can't find hide nor
> hair of it!
> Can anyone help? (I looked at Gnokii but it doesn't seem to support the
> X3...)
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