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Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Tue Oct 4 09:53:20 UTC 2011

On 04/10/11 10:26, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 4 October 2011 10:05, Tony Travis<a.travis at abdn.ac.uk>  wrote:
>> I second that, but can we take this opportunity to call it FLOSS instead
>> because this more accurately reflects what Ubuntu is about.
> FLOSS is (in my opinion) the worst of all the labels we give to this
> stuff we do. Open Source is good, but not quite right, Free  Software
> has too many monetary overtones, and FLOSS just sounds like a dental
> campaign. Why don't we called it..
> "Ubuntu".
>> UKUUG have also rebranded themselves under the FLOSS banner:
>>   http://www.flossuk.org/
> I'm still staggered that they did that.

Hi, Al.

Well, I like it but you can't please all the people all the time :-)

It's interesting to see non-Linux 'Ubuntu' products like Ubuntu Cola 
around at events like the Edinburgh Fringe, but 'Ubuntu' isn't an 
alternative to FOSS/FLOSS because 'Ubuntu' is about politics:


It's clear that our favourite Linux distro is part of this political 
agenda, but I believe that FOSS/FLOSS is broader than 'Ubuntu' in that 
it also reflects intellectual freedom as advocated by the FSF. I think 
it is particularly useful to stress the 'Libre' aspect of FLOSS, which 
is an explicit statement of intellectual freedom in addition to our 
software being 'freely' available for anyone to use. I agree with John's 
suggestion about better FOSS reviews. I just suggested FLOSS instead 
because this includes the 'Libre' aspect of 'Free' software.


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