[ubuntu-uk] British Library, Geeknicky fun-ness!

Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Mon May 30 16:17:51 UTC 2011

On 12 May 2011 21:54, Matthew Daubney <matt at daubers.co.uk> wrote:
> As per the meeting the other day, there is a plan to go see the SciFi
> exhibition at the British Library in London at some point in July/August. If
> all goes to plan, we'll all head off for a geeknic in a nice green bit
> nearby afterwards, and maybe other bits and bobs too depending who feels
> like what.
> I've thrown up a doodle poll at http://doodle.com/53dpqtd6qgbvdpmp so mark
> _all_ of the days your free and we'll go on the most popular!
> Importantly, the exhibition is free... but you'll have to make your own
> travel arrangements. If anybody feels like bringing food and whatnot for the
> geeknic, that would be excellent! I'll try and make some cakes :)
> Hopefully see you all there!

Just a quick bump as I'll be closing the doodle poll tonight! If you
want to come, get your date votes in now!!

-Matt Daubney

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