[ubuntu-uk] Natty Narwhal Launch Party

Dan Fish dan at fishms.org
Thu Mar 31 20:28:26 UTC 2011

May I suggest the maple leaf - it's about 100th yards from the bcs. Canadian themed though.... 

Alan Bell <alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>as we move into April the release of Ubuntu 11.04 the Natty Narwhal 
>swims into view. Because this will be a *huge* celebration we have 
>arranged a bank holiday on the following day for you, so there is no 
>excuse for not partying on a weekday. In the afternoon will be a 
>slightly formal "launch" event and photo opportunity for journalists and 
>bloggers and the community, at the British Computing Society on 
>Southampton Street near Charring Cross, dunno if there will be any nosh, 
>but if there is it would be of the diminutive sandwiches and canapés 
>variety. There is going to be a registration for this as we are going to 
>need names and numbers in advance. Following that we will be moving on 
>to somewhere else with less formality and more booze, probably a pub.
>This part of the plan is less well defined than the first part so I am 
>*seeking* *your* *help*. What we need to do is pick a pub, or other 
>venue. One that serves food and has a decent amount of space, one that 
>will perhaps let us reserve an area for free, one within walking 
>distance of the BCS and within staggering distance of a tube. Power 
>sockets and wifi would be a mild bonus, but the evening is more about 
>partying than geeking out.
>Please respond with venue suggestions and feel free to start planning 
>what to do for the rest of your day off, I heard that some kids that 
>went to Edinburgh Uni are taking advantage of the Natty bank holiday to 
>get hitched in Westminster, but you could do anything you like.
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